Project portfolio

Street Bump. An Android app that records accelerometer and GPS data for the identification of potholes in Boston. Here is a quick video describing it.

Logo This is my logo for my company, Stigmergic Productions. It came to me one day in a math class my senior year of college. I was thinking about the famous devil's pitchfork and I wondered what it would look like if the top of the fork were mirrored (actually a 180 degree rotation) on the bottom.

This is what I came up with. Since then I have found reference to this as the tribox which can be arrived at as a four sided Penrose triangle. This belongs to the family of impossible objects.

Fields -- an investigation in stigmergy. This applet simulates a world of marbles and an environment of velocity fields.

The marbles velocity influences the environment. In turn the velocity of the marble is affected by the environment. This is the basic concept of stigmergy; agents affect their environment and are affected by their environment. In this case, this circular process results in trail formation of the marbles leaving the world along the edges.

Visualized the effect of sea level rise for Architecture 2030 using a mash up of publicly available elevation data, Google maps, and the GDAL python library.

For more code, see my github resume.

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